Featured Use Cases of .BIBLE Domain Names

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Welcome to this showcase of Github repositories and other things in the Github eco-system related to the .BIBLE top-level domain that are interesting and useful.


Demo app of JavaScript code that uses API.Bible - repository at https://github.com/americanbible/api-bible-js-demo - “With nearly 1500 Bible versions available across over 1000 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available.”


For All Things Bible is showcasing Bible websites from around the internet, curating both useful and engaging Bible websites with an aim to help more people experience the life-changing message of the Bible.


Hackathon.Bible is a resource site with Bible texts & datasets you can use to build killer apps & new innovations for Bible engagement.


source code for kingjames.bible @ https://github.com/pstephens/kingjames.bible


Robert Rouse of has viz.bible published with Bible meta data repositories at https://github.com/robertrouse


Eliran Wong has published Marvellous Bible Resources at https://github.com/eliranwong

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